Spirit and Safety: Exploring our Divine Connection as a Portal into Protection

Sunday, November 7th


Katie Silcox

Founder & Executive Director of The Shakti School

Cristal Mortensen

Trauma and Nervous System Specialist & Somatic Neuroplasticity Expert

Join us in this much-awaited workshop on exploring the important connection between the spiritual realm and healing our past with nervous system expert, Cristal Mortensen and Tantrik Ayurveda educator, Katie Silcox.

About Cristal: Cristal Mortensen is a trauma and nervous system specialist, certified Somatic Experiencing Practitioner and mystic, in private practice for over 20 years. She helps people heal and clear unresolved trauma, attachment wounds, balance energetic, emotional and mental disequilibriums, find their way back to themselves and discover their wholeness.
Cristal’s ability to deftly weave between the realms of the mind, physical body, subtle body, energy and spirit and bridge ordinary and non ordinary reality, along with her compassionate presence has made her unique work highly sought after. She has studied extensively with masters in the fields of trauma, attachment, somatics, meditation and energy healing, bringing the balance of ancient wisdom and modern science to her work.

   She has developed Sacred Attachment work, which builds a new, organizing matrix from which inherent safety, security and an integrated mind and body can develop, creating a new template from which our life can evolve.

   She works with clients in her busy private practice at home in Hawaii and all over the world through video sessions. She spends her free time surfing, playing in the ocean and relaxing with her bunny Gracie.

We will dive into the following topics through both lecture and experiential exercises: 

  • Defining karma and trauma 
  • Repairing ruptures in our relationship to self and the spiritual realm
  • Increasing our felt sense of safety and protection in the body through developing a spiritual path
  • Practicing spiritual embodiment as a daily routine 
  • Working with our spiritual relationship and energy as protection/ boundary 
  • Learning to invite in protection and feel where it shows up as a resource - both inner and outer
  • Understanding the difference between interactive regulation in the nervous system and self healing work

Sunday, November 7th

4-7 PM Eastern Time - recording will be available if you cannot attend live 



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